Millionaire Club

Credit goes to J.Money at budgetsaresexy.

Joining the Million Dollar Club is a no-brainer.  In doing so, I am setting out the following goals for the remainder of the year:

1.  Continue to contribute to my youngest daughter’s RESP each month $208. Note: Already set-up: ongoing.

2.  Contribute $250/month towards my eldest daughter’s RDSP account for next year. Note: Already contributed $1000 for 2012.

3. Put at least 25% of net income towards (includes #1-2 contributions) saving related plans (i.e. RRSP, additional mortgage, Emergency Fund, etc.).

4.  Live off of one income plus 15% for the balance of the year.

5. Develop a Budget to determine how much money #3 equates to and what we need to do to meet #4’s goal.

6. Avoid buying any further books/magazines that can be read at the Library. I have a ferocious appetite for books that can get costly.

7.  Stroke my mini-van’s EGO so that we can get at least another  year from it.

8.  Go through the house and purge everything we haven’t used since we moved into our home 4 years ago for the purpose of clearing out the clutter that is causing stress and disorganization.


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